Model: SF1390 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
Product Description :

  • Working size:1300mm*900mm option:900mm*600mm 1400mm*1000mm 1600mm*1000mm
  • Working table:blades,up and down
  • Power:80W,100W,150W

1390 co2 laser cutting machine

  1. 1390 laser cutting engraving machine adopt DSP digital controlling technology,self-design laser power supply,incorporate designed frame and structure to guarantee stable work.
  2. The newest software is matched to AutoCAD,coreIDRAW CAD and all other graphics processing softwares for outputing original graphics.
  3. This series machines firstly use USB port data interface which supports hot-plugging and momentary data transmission to realize high efficiency without accounting computer resource.The LCD controlling panel brings friendly computer-human interface and easy operation.
  4. It uses USB port data interface with large mass storage device to provide high working speed and efficiency.


SF1390 laser cutting engraving machine can cut acrylic,plastic,paper,foam,fabric,leather,rubber,MDF,plywood, and engrave on acrylic,bamboo,plastic,leather,MDF,plywood,glass,stone,etc.

SF1390 laser cutting engraving machine is widely used in cutting acrylic,MDF,plywood,paper,foam,etc; engraving acrylic,glass,MDF,wood,double color board,bamboo,etc.It is equiped with co2 laser tube,working size 1300mm*900mm,mainly cut rubber plastic,cloth toys,leather,computer embroidery cutting,mould,crafts,bamboo and wood,advertising and building decoration,packaging and printing,paper products.

Model SF960/SF1390/SF1410/SF1610
Working Area 900mm*600mm 1300mm*900mm 1400mm*1000mm 1600mm*1000mm
Laser power 80W,100W,150W
Laser Type sealed CO2 laser tube
Working Platform honeycomb or  blade
Working Speed ≤800mm/s
Resolution Rate ±0.05mm
Supported Graphic Formats BMP,PLT,DST,AI,DXF,etc
Cooling Mode water cooling and protection system
Compatible software CoreDraw  AutoCAD  Photoshop
Working Voltage 0~45℃
Working Humidity 5%~95% (without condensed water)